How To Transform Your College Dorm Room For The Better

Perhaps one of the most exciting elements of the college experience is the opportunity for students to move away from their homes and their parents and experience life on their own. While a new environment filled with new people is exciting, it can be equally as nerve-inducing when you consider having to balance a full course load alongside it all. The good news for freshmen is that they’ll always have a spot to find temporary respite in their dorm rooms. The trick is personalizing the space in such a way that you’re able to feel most comfortable, which in turn can help you find a higher level of focus for academic work. This post will detail some of the ways a dorm room can be transformed to feel more like home.

1. Redecorating The Walls

Many dorm rooms will feature some bare and bland walls that can be spruced up with the help of different posters, tapestries or various artwork. Many students also find solace in including things like LED lights, or polaroid snapshots of their friends and family scattered around the walls. These are just a few of the temporary ways that students can dress up their dorm rooms, but remember, colleges and universities will likely have rules as to what can and can’t be done to their facilities so research carefully!

2. Considerate Decoration

It can be very easy to assume that a dorm room’s limits are just a set of four white walls. In reality, they can become whatever a freshman dreams of, within reason. Knowing this, it’s important to approach the decoration of the room with an open mind, but with equal parts consideration for your roommates. Use neutral colors that don’t distract but include various textures throughout the room. Meaning have plenty of blankets, pillows and other décor items that are soft to the touch. It can be easier to feel calm in the area with these textures around.

3. Lofted Beds For More Space

A number of dorm room students elect to ‘loft’ their bed in such a way that the space in the room opens up because their beds are supported at a higher elevation. With this extra space, many students often include a desk underneath their bed to use for their studies. Alternatively, some roommates use that extra space to create a social space for other students to congregate to. Whatever the case, a loft bed can create extra space that can help a dorm room feel more comfortable for students.

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4. Cherished Items From Home

Homesickness is a real thing for college freshmen, but one way to mitigate those feelings is by bringing a number of cherished things from the home to school. Freshmen can then hold on tight to the sentimental items that remind them of home and hopefully calm them down from those feelings. Source out a few of these things before embarking on your college journey.

5. The Bedding Difference

Quality sleep is perhaps one of the most important things that college students overlook in their time away. While it can be hard to find the time to sleep amidst studying for exams, they’ll want to have a bed that’s dressed perfectly with the most comfortable bedding and pillows for when they are able to sleep. Quality bedding materials can make all the difference in whether or not a student is capable of achieving a healthy night’s worth of sleep in their dorm, which is why it’s recommended that freshmen prepare accordingly.

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