CMC Markets Review: Everything you Need to know.

Are you one of those forex traders who are confused about CMC markets? Who has no idea what CMC markets actually is and how it works? Here in this article we will give you a detailed CMC markets review and everything you must know about it before using it as a trading platform.

What is a CMC Markets Broker?

It is a broker that provides you profitable trading conditions with high security and protection to their investment. It is one of the leading companies in the forex market which was developed in 1989. This broker is regulated by FCA providing vast variety of trading assets including:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stocks
  • commodities
  • Indices

CMC markets are also offering risk management programs and developing trust by providing segregated accounts. They are attracting traders by providing fast execution with low spread.

Trading Conditions:

CMC markets are famous for their trading conditions providing:

Minimum Deposit:

It provides you with a minimum deposit of 1$ making it convenient for everyone.


Leverage rate for CMC markets is 1:500.


CMC markets provide you with customer support 24/5. Available 24 hours 5 days a week.

Trading Platform:

They are using MetaTrader4, Mobile apps and Web trading platform.


It has a spread of 0.3 points.


  • Offers you mobile trading and affiliated programs.
  • No contests and bonuses.
  • Withdrawal through bank transfer and payment cards.
Minimum Deposit 1$
Spread  0.3 point
Leverage 1:500
Support 24/5
Trading platform MetaTrader4, Mobile apps and Web trading platform
Mobile Trading Yes
Affiliated Program Yes

Geographic Distribution:

CMC markets are distributed geographically as follow:

  • Australia (18.33%)
  • United Kingdom (13.67%)
  • Germany (11.72%)
  • Singapore (6.35%)
  • Canada (5.3%)
  • Italy (4.2%)
  • Spain (3.8%)
  • France (3.7%)
  • India (3.6%)
  • Sweden (1.7%)
  • Others (16.63%)


Here is a list of advantages of trading with CMC markets:

  • They provide a high level of security.
  • High compensation if the company is recognized as illiquid.
  • Range of assets is high.
  • Segregated accounts are available.
  • External audit is independent.
  • Provides you 24/5 support.
  • Provides quick answers.


Along with the advantages there is a lost of disadvantages as follow:

  • Basic language is English which can be difficult for few people to understand.
  • You can only transfer or deposit money with the help of bank transfer and visa.
  • There is no manual trading option instead of investment.
  • There is no information on the official website related to minimum startup value.
  • Company insurance is not provided to retail traders.
  • Difficulty in contacting regulators.
  • Not available on weekends

Is CMC Markets the best Forex Broker?

Before diving into the answer to this question you should know about what the best forex brokers look like?

Following are the list of things you should check before considering a forex broker as good or best:

  • Should provide favorable trading conditions.
  • Affiliate program should provide benefits to traders
  • Instant withdrawal can be convenient for many people.
  • Low spread rate is beneficial.
  • Customer support should be available 24/7
  • Have segregated accounts availability.
  • Brokers should be licensed.
  • It should offer you security and protection.
  • Broker should have a good rating and customer review.

CMC obtains shares investing clients from ANZ | cmc markets, shares  investing, australia | FinanceAsia

Now coming back to the question if CMC Markets is actually a good forex broker? According to union traders’ review CMC markets have an overall rating of 3.08/10 which is not good at all.  There are many drawbacks of this forex broker and you can find many other good options in the trading market if you do your proper research and find the one according to your choice and convenience.

Here is Why CMC Markets is not a Good Option:

  • This broker has an overall rating of 3.08/10.
  • Rate of order execution is poor.
  • Slow withdrawal speed.
  • Trading platforms are not many or good enough.
  • Customer support is weak.
  • Less variety of instruments.
Overall Rating 3.08/10
Order Execution 2.87/10
Instrument Investment 3.27/10
Instrument variety 2.71/10
Customer support 3.23/10
Trading platform 3.45/10
Speed of withdrawal 2.93/10

Hence there are many other good options in the trader market which you can choose as a forex broker. CMC markets do have their advantages but their list of disadvantages and bad customer experience cause a decrease in overall rating of it.