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Comparison Of Magic Book And The Same Type Of Laptop

Comparison Of Magic Book And The Same Type Of Laptop

HONOR’s laptop has been a competitive product. At present, MagicBook Pro laptop for sale in UK has started. This laptop is light. There are many similar products in the market. This article will take Lenovo’s Air15 light laptop as a comparison to see the differences between the two laptops.

HONOR adopts a metal fuselage design. Its A side adopts a classic simple design. At the same time, the brand logo is enlarged. Moreover, its color matching uses silver color matching. It can set off the metal texture. From the visual aspect, it is consistent with the mainstream aesthetic view of young people’s fashion and conciseness. From the tactile aspect, it does not lose the advanced feeling of high-end business.

Lenovo’s light and thin laptop is designed with a metal body. Due to the design and color matching, the business sense is strong. The appearance is old-fashioned. The Logo part is designed in the upper left corner of side A. It reduces the presence of LOGO. Compared with the appearance of the two, HONOR’s style is simpler.

The C-side MagicBook Pro is equipped with a full-size keyboard. It has clear resilience and fast response speed. It is suitable for the game party. In addition, it designs the camera on the keyboard. The camera is lifted out with a slight press, which is convenient and beautiful. At the same time, it integrates the power switch and fingerprint identification into one key. The system will unlock the operating system when starting up. It is convenient to use. It supports multi-touch control, providing consumers with a wider operation space. In contrast, the design of the Air15 is conservative. Fingerprint identification is not integrated with the start up key. In addition, the Air15 is equipped with a keyboard with a key stroke of 1.3 mm. The two have more advantages than Lenovo, while Honor is better in terms of technology.

HONOR has a 16.1-inch screen on side B. Because of its hidden camera design, the four-sided frame of it has reached its acme. The screen ratio is as high as 90%. Coupled with HONOR’s original 16.1-inch large screen, it has a smaller volume and a larger visual area at the same time. Its screen has 100% sRGB wide color gamut and good color standard performance. It is the best design for consumers engaged in the design industry. Lenovo’s thin and light version uses a 15.6-inch 100% sRGB high color gamut screen. It accounts for 85.3% of the screen.

Both laptops perform well, but both have their own fields of expertise. Honor, as an excellent young laptop manufacturer, will always come up with some bright things to catch consumers’ eyes. It will innovate to attract consumers’ favor.

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