How to Set Your Apartment to Lift Your Mood

Apartments can appear dreary when you open the door after signing the lease. The walls are neutral and empty, while the furnishings are standard. Needless to say, changes are necessary to make the space more than a place to eat and sleep. Here are ways to set your apartment to lift your mood.

Consider the Apartment’s Flow

Whether you live at a luxury apartment like 281 Willow Apartments or another location, you need to make your space flow. You can’t open the front door and walk into a couch. Further, your queen-size bed shouldn’t block your closet door. Blockages result in stress for you and your guests.

Consider the apartment’s flow to lift your mood. Don’t shove your couch or bed up against the wall. Not only does it cause negative space, but it also hampers your mood. The goal is to establish balance more than symmetry in your rooms.

For instance, place the bed at an angle to free up your bedroom. Place one couch between the living and dining areas to make a nook. Keep moving things around until you feel everything sync up.

Add Warm Color Elements

There’s a good chance you can’t repaint the apartment walls due to lease regulations. It doesn’t mean you can’t add colors to brighten the neutral tones. However, don’t go for bright and dark enhancements. Studies show those colors make spaces feel smaller. In turn, anxiety increases in apartment owners and guests.

Consider a combination of dark and light hues to maintain a room’s balance. Warmer blues, greens, yellows, and lavenders make a space seem bigger. Additionally, they help release a natural brain chemical called serotonin to keep you calm.

Add Mood Lighting

Overhead fluorescent lights don’t help your apartment’s atmosphere. On the contrary, their harshness causes headaches and general discomfort. Those conditions get worse when the fluorescent bulbs begin to flicker. Prevent this by replacing these fixtures with mood lighting.

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Consider a salt lamp as one solution. These are crystals carved from amber-colored rock salt. A bulb placed in the hollow middle gives off a reddish-pink glow. Some believe salt lamps draw in toxins and release healthy negative ions.

Another alternative to fluorescent lighting is energy-efficient LED bulbs. They produce a warmer light that illuminates a larger space. Plus, they last much longer than standard models.

Stay Away From Clutter

Empty walls encourage you to add something to eliminate blank spaces. Unfortunately, it’s a bad idea to cover every square inch with pictures, shelves, and nicknacks. Like dark colors, clutter makes a room feel smaller than it is.

Avoid this decorating form at all costs. A few pictures and a bookshelf are okay in small spaces but don’t overdo it. Overall, your guests will focus on your more interesting pieces when there are fewer to see.

Eliminating clutter doesn’t mean you throw out your mementos. Instead, look for clever ways to store them. For example, footrests double as storage containers and under the bed drawers. You can remove the items for viewing when someone asks about them.

Make Your Place Smell Nice

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep smells from entering your apartment. Smoke, pet aromas, and cooking odors pass through walls, kitchen cabinets, and sinks. These smells distract your mood and could cause health issues.

Contact the leasing office about pet and smoke smells to see if they can do anything. If not, place charcoal containers around the apartment. This element has built-in mechanisms to absorb odors. Also, combine warm water, baking soda, and an essential oil like lavender in a spray bottle and let it loose around your space. The baking soda absorbs odors in the air.

Clean sink and garbage disposal drain with a mix of baking soda and white vinegar. Once you have cleaned as much as possible, use mild aromas to keep things fresh. Lemon, lavender, and peppermint are examples that improve moods. Minimize bleach or other harsh chemicals as they can cause poor physical reactions.

You can change the mood of your apartment no matter its size. It takes some planning and elbow grease to make it your space. Use the suggestions above to organize your furniture and memorabilia while maintaining a calm and welcoming space. You and your guests will be grateful.