Live the High Life at Orla Residence

New Cairo, the sprawling metropolis at the heart of Egypt, is home to some of the most exquisite real estate projects. Among them stands the majestic Orla Residence New Cairo, an architectural wonder carved out by the miraculous minds at I Capital Development. It isn’t just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle destination. Envisioned as an integrated project, Compound Orla New Cairo is where strategic location meets unrivaled pricing, coupled with flexible installment systems.

The Heartbeat of New Cairo

Where you live matters just as much as how you live. With Orla Residence, both are unmatched. Nestled at the bustling intersection of 90th Street and Suez Road, Orla I Capital holds a prime position in New Cairo. This enviable location puts residents just a step away from essential landmarks in the 5th Settlement, ensuring everything you need is attainable.

European Elegance Meets Egyptian Grandeur

The design philosophy behind Orla Residence 5th Settlement draws inspiration from the timeless beauty of European aesthetics. Yet, it does so while retaining a unique Egyptian flair. The architectural maestros behind Compound Orla Residence New Cairo have seamlessly blended vast green expanses with towering residential marvels, promising apartments for sale that overlook lush greenery, offering you a serene escape from the hustle and bustle.

Covering 12 acres, Orla Compound New Cairo has dedicated an overwhelming 82% to greenery and landscapes. This conscious choice ensures that nature is the backdrop to every moment here. The residential buildings of Orla Residence New Cairo, claiming 18% of the area, rise gracefully with a ground floor and five additional floors.

Unlimited Amenities of Orla Residence

But what truly sets Orla I Capital apart are the luxurious services and entertainment avenues, creating an atmosphere ripe for joyous living. No more tedious drives to malls when you’ve got a sprawling shopping haven right in Orla Residence New Cairo, spanning 6,000 m2.

And for those evenings where you don’t feel like cooking at home, Orla Residence 5th Settlement boasts a variety of international restaurants and cafes, ensuring every meal is a delightful adventure.

Additionally, Compound Orla New Cairo understands the importance of both relaxation and activity. Whether it’s taking a refreshing dip in one of the many swimming pools or finding tranquility beside the green spaces and artificial lakes, there’s a space for every mood. Fitness enthusiasts aren’t forgotten, with well-equipped gyms and tracks for both cycling and running in Orla Residence, ensuring wellness is a step away.

Safety First in Orla New Cairo Compound

There’s no luxury greater than peace of mind, and Orla Compound New Cairo prioritizes it above all. With a 24-hour security service and advanced surveillance cameras scattered across Orla Residence, you can rest easy, knowing you are cocooned in safety.

Compound Monark Apartments

Diverse Spaces, Competitive Prices

Recognizing the varied preferences of potential homeowners, I Capital Development has crafted spaces in Orla Residence that cater to every whim and fancy. From cozy 1-room to spacious 3-room apartments for sale, the variety ensures there’s a perfect fit for every prospective resident in Orla New Cairo Compound. With apartments starting from 90 m2, there’s a haven for everyone.

What’s even more enticing is the affordability paired with luxury. Orla Compound New Cairo has priced these masterpieces attractively, with the price per meter of units starting as low as 23,000 EGP, resulting in offering convenient total prices staring from 2,070,000 EGP. This ensures that those keen to buy homes or seek investment can do so without a second thought, making the dream of owning a piece of Orla Residence New Cairo accessible to all.

Payment Simplicity at Orla Residence New Cairo

A beautiful home doesn’t necessarily mean financial strain. At Compound Orla New Cairo, the team ensures the dream of owning a luxurious space is both attainable and sustainable. I Capital Development offer you the chance to book your desired apartment in Orla Residence New Cairo with a 10% down payment and pay installments conveniently over 7 years.

What’s more, those keen to book their apartment in this architectural marvel of Orla Residence can start with an EOI at just 50,000 EGP. Buyers will rejoice in knowing that the apartments in Orla New Cairo Compound promise a swift delivery, semi-finished, within 3 years. It’s luxury, accelerated.

To conclude, Orla I Capital isn’t just about homes; it’s about curating experiences. Every corner, every service, and every price are meticulously planned to ensure you don’t just live but thrive. If you’re seeking luxury laced with convenience in the heart of Egypt, Orla Residence New Cairo awaits.