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Central District Pest Control, Apple Valley demonstrates recommendations for effective eradication of pests from one’s residence coupled with their services.

To remove the pests causing problems and currently infesting the property, a central pest control treatment plan is essential. This plan can provide solutions that will prevent infestations in the long run. Making updates in the house such as fixing holes in screens or doing minor repairs to keep pests out of the home is advised. The fewer treatments significant to keep them away, the better it is.

Pest Control Apple Valley familiarises people with complete insight into pest control. Whenever there is a question in mind about whether pest control is necessary, there are a few things to be kept in mind:

  • Control a pest only when it is expected to cause or is causing more than it is plausible to accept.
  • A step should be taken to reduce the pest numbers to an acceptable threshold.
  • If the pest is of little or no harm, pest control is not recommended as it is not economical.


  • Prevention
  • Suppression
  • Eradication
  • Threshold levels – Where the damage in economic terms caused by pests is greater than the cost of pest control, the threshold is set at that junction.


Integrated pest management is the method of combining appropriate tactics of pest control into a single strategy to reduce them and their damage to a level of acceptance. Usage of many approaches to control will lead the way to cause the least disruption to the living organisms and nonliving surroundings at the site where it is treated. Putting complete faith only in pesticides can cause them to develop resistance to the applied pesticides. It can also pave the way for outbreaks of other pests and can harm non-target organisms.

To solve pest problems, one must:

  • Identify the types of pests and decide whether the control is warranted for each.
  • Understand the goals of pest control.
  • Be familiar with the available control tactics.
  • Formulate a strategy most effective.

Nature of Controls

Natural Control

The forces of nature act on all organisms causing the rise and fall in the population of pests. They work independent of human steps and might help or interfere in the process of control. The trick lies here.


Weather conditions affect their activity and rate of reproduction. Rain, freezing temperature, drought, etc., might kill the pests.

Natural Enemies

Few living organisms feed on them and thus reduce their numbers. Pathogens also contribute to this.

Topographical Barriers

Geographical features such as mountains, hills, water bodies, etc., restrict their spread.

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Supply of food and water

The life cycle of pests largely depends on the availability of food and water.

Applied Control

Measures have to be taken because natural controls do not control pests quickly. These measures are called  Applied Control. They are:

Host Resistance

Host resistance functions in the following ways:

  • The pest is repelled by the chemicals in the host and prevents its life cycle.
  • The nature of the host is more vigorous and tolerant than other varieties and is less damaged by pest attacks.
  • It has physical features making it more difficult to attack.

Biological Control

Biological control involves the natural enemies. The natural control is supplemented by releasing pest enemies into the target area. It is not eradicated. Fluctuation is noticed in the degree of control.

Cultural Control

Cultural practices are used to reduce the quantity that are attacking cultivated plants. The environment is altered to suppress an infestation. The normal relationship between the pest and the host plant is disrupted resulting in a bleak chance of the pests to survive, grow, or reproduce. Rotating crops, soil cultivation, trap crops plantation, etc., are common cultural practices.

Mechanical Control

Mechanical controls are devices, machines, and other methodologies used to control them or alter their environment. Traps, barriers, nets, fences,  screens, electricity, and radiation are used to prevent the spread.

Chemical Control

Chemicals used to destroy them, control their activity, or prevent them from causing damage are called Pesticides. Some pesticides have the function of either repelling or attracting pests. They also regulate plant growth and remove foliage.

4 Common Types Of Pest Control Methods

  • Registered Pesticide – A pesticide that can be legally used in the United States is called Registered Pesticide. It goes through a process of evaluating short-term and long-term potential risks to animal, plant, and human life to attain registration. 
  • Insect Growth Regulators – Every Insect has a cycle — Egg – Larvae – Cocoon – Adult. The Insect Growth Regulator terminates the maturation process from egg to adult.
  • Repellant – The simple purpose of the repellants is to keep the pests away and is a kind of a temporary solution.
  • Pheromones – These are natural chemicals released from them to communicate with each other. Using the pheromones pest control method, one can easily confuse them into thinking that there is a potential danger near the house and food. In this way, they tend to deter away.


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