Smoke Damage Restoration Service | Signs You Need It

Signs That You Need a Smoke Damage Restoration Service

When fire strikes a residential or commercial property, some owners may think that they’ll only need to deal with the harm caused by the flames. But that is not the case. Even if you do put the fire out immediately, there is a high chance that soot particles and smoke residues have already soaked into every inch of your property.

Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in removing smoke and soot residues and fixing the damages they caused. The question now is, how will you know when to contact them? To help you, here are some indicators that you need a smoke damage restoration service:

  • Your Indoor Air Is Cloudy

While it is normal for you to have cloudy indoor air right after the fire has been put out, it should go away after some time. So, if you notice that the cloudiness remains even after you’ve opened your windows and turned on your fans, you should contact the experts immediately.

Remember that smoke may contain a mix of chemicals, gasses, and particles that can be dangerous to your health. Inhaling them may cause temporary throat, eye, and nose irritation.

  • You Continue To Smell Smoke

According to the experts, it could take several weeks for the smoke smell to go away after a fire. This is because smoke particles cannot be easily seen by our naked eyes.

You may have cleaned every corner of your property, but remember that smoke can also contaminate porous fabrics such as clothing, furniture, and linens. In addition, if soot has formed in your property, it can also produce smoke or a burnt smell.

Fortunately, there are experts that offer restoration services for smoke damage. They can thoroughly clean every inch of your property to get rid of smoke particles in a shorter period of time.

  • There Are Stains on Your Walls

You may notice black or gray stains on your walls after the fire has been put out. The paints on your property’s surfaces may also begin to turn yellow because of the acids contained in the smoke.

If the stains or discolorations on your walls are left untreated for a long time, they can become difficult to remove. In some cases, you may need to repaint or replace your stained materials or belongings.

  • Your Metal Equipment Begin To Rust

As stated above, smoke residue is acidic in nature. This means that they can cause rusting to your valuable metal equipment or electronics.

If left untreated, rust can destroy your belongings to a point where you’ll have no other choice but to buy new ones. So, if you notice that some of your tools start to rust due to smoke, you should contact an expert in restoring smoke damage immediately.

  • You Notice Soot Around Your Property

Aside from acids, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide, smoke also contains particulate matter or soot. That said, if you see soot formation around your property, then it’s a clear sign that you need an expert in restoring smoke damage.

Soot, also known as carbon black or lampblack, is made of carbon particles that are produced by the incomplete burning of organic matter like coal, wood, and oil. It usually appears as black or dark brown in color and is flaky, oily, or powdery in texture.

It’s important for you to get rid of soot on your property as soon as possible, as inhaling its particles can harm your health. They can cause asthma, coronary heart disease, throat and lung irritation, bronchitis, and even cancer.

Reach Out to a Full-Service Disaster Restoration Company Today!

If you ever notice any of the signs listed above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a full-service disaster restoration business right away. They have experts who can help you remove smoke residues in your property and restore any of your damaged items to their original state. These include your treasured photos and important documents.

Another reason why you should contact a full-service disaster restoration business is that, aside from smoke and fire damage, there’s a high possibility that you’ll also have to deal with harm caused by water that was used to put out the flame. Such a company can help you with such problems too. Contact them now for questions, clarifications, or to set up an appointment! They’ll be happy to hear from you!