Tips To Become A Successful Vlogger On Youtube

Vlogging was not popular a few years ago when only blogs were shared online to provide relevant information to online users. Today, with more and more people engaging with visual content, vlogs have taken center stage.

Vlogs are video blogs produced by a persona presumably starring the same person. The person who creates vlogs is known as a vlogger. Vloggers are popular on YouTube and even on other social media platforms where people can publish video content like Instagram.

Becoming a successful vlogger is not easy, and if you manage to do so, you can be a star overnight. Yes, that’s the power of a vlogger these days. That is why nearly 44% of people on the internet see vlogs every month, and most YouTube creators make 86% of vlog content on YouTube.

So, if you want to start a vlog, here are some tips to ensure your vlog gets instant success. These tips can help you to create a good experience, generate several views, and earn revenues through your video productions:

1. Come Up with a Niche

Remember, how much ever winning your personality is, it will not snag a huge or even medium audience unless you are the most famous and fascinating person in the world. You need the right subject matter to create a vlog- a subject matter that the viewers are interested in and will depend on you.

Decide on what you will be specializing in and ensure you have a good audience. Quick tricks for home improvement, fast cooking, gaming, fitness, and makeup tutorials – are all good vlogging subjects that will interest the audience.

Pick up something you have a passion for or that you find interesting. This way, you can integrate the same into your work and make a huge income through it. It will also keep you excited and engaged to come up with brand-new video concepts.

2. Know What You are Speaking About and Also Your Listeners

Of course, you will be able to speak on something you are interested in. but make sure your target audience is also interested in listening to what you are talking about. For this, you must define the topics of your vlog beforehand.

Choosing topics that suit the target audience will offer you the style, language, and tone that you must use for your content to connect with the audience. Learning in detail about your audience’s tastes and preferences in terms of online video content can help you determine the right tone and language for your vlogs.

3. Maintain Professional Video Quality

Nowadays, making full-length, top-quality videos on Android phones, iPhones, PCs, or even online has become very easy. So, there is no excuse for low-quality video. Above that, you can use a YouTube video editor for editing your videos to make them appear more polished and professional.

Successful vloggers are aware of the importance of clean and clear vlogs with great visuals and audio.

4. Find Profitable Topics or Subjects

You want to become a successful vlogger in the first place, but if you do not have any other stream of income, money does matter to you. Therefore, you must choose vlog topics or subjects that have the potential of making money.


Carry out proper research to come up with profitable niches. Trending aspects of life and trending products like the environment, healthcare, and solutions can be the right topic for your vlog.

You can use specific tools to find local and global search volumes for trending topics and keywords. Take the example of Marques Brownlee, an expert tech vlogger, here.

Marques specializes in unboxing, first impressions, and gadget reviews. If you go through his vlogs closely, you will find that they are the perfect mix of profitability, passion, and proficiency.

He is helping people solve their problems by spending their money on the right kind of products. Being passionate about technology and proficient in different technological products and subjects, he covers all these things in his vlogs.

And that’s the reason why he has been successful in amassing over 14 million subscribers!

5. Consistency Is the Key

Consistency is one of the most integral parts of grabbing success. And that’s the reason why every post that you go through about success will contain consistency as a major point.

It does not matter whether you upload your videos every week or once in a span of ten weeks. What matters is uploading your videos at the stated time, which is always the same time for all your videos. Maintaining this consistency will bring in more subscribers as they know you value their time.

You can choose your favorite day of the week and upload your vlog on that day every week. If you are missing a day, inform the subscribers accordingly. This way, all your subscribers will know that they can get your content only at a specified time.

6. Pay Attention to the Thumbnails

There is something special and impressive about being able to grab the attention of your viewers before they even take a look at your videos. An eye-catching thumbnail does the job of capturing your viewers’ attention instantly.

Catchy titles, aesthetically-pleasing thumbnails, and informative and engaging descriptions are all elements that determine if or not your potential viewers will click on the video. Videos incorporated with vibrant thumbnails often rank higher despite the content of the videos not being as valuable or engaging.

Final Thoughts

While it is true that almost any individual can become a vlogger, only a very few of them can be successful. The steps detailed above can take you well on the path of creating engaging vlogs with a highly effective plan for building your viewers and finding ultimate success.