Top 4 Magnificent Real Estate in Dubai

The fact that Dubai is brimming with unceasing commercial activity, the properties in Dubai have become the number one choice for real estate. In addition to the businesses, Dubai has also become a force of attraction to people of various cultural backgrounds. With such a great flux of people entering the city, the real estate is coming up with more and more options for accommodation. Here is a compiled list of some of the popular real estate options that would hopefully make you land on the villa for sale in Dubai that compliments your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a prime location to invest in real estate, go here to discover why Dubai’s thriving commercial activity has made its properties the top choice in the market.

1. Marina Vista

Following the success of Madinat Jumeirah living and Pam Jumeirah, the Emaar Properties brought another man made island i.e. Marina Vista, which spreads over 10 million square feet. It also overlooks Island Palm Jumeirah and provides a spectacular view of Persian Gulf as well. Moreover, it is a favourite among Emiratis due to its private beach, skydive, yacht club and top of the notch amenities. It can easily be reached through the well renowned Dubai-Sheikh Zayed Road and the popular residential area of Dubai Marina.  The houses in this space are fully equipped with security and essentials of premium quality. To further enhance the experience of the residents here, The Marina Vista is adorned with state of the art interior. The bedrooms are secluded to ensure privacy and a spacious living room is present at the centre of the apartment. Another feature that makes these houses so great is the fact that everything here is curated keeping in mind the necessary balance between practical and fancy living, therefore the floor to ceiling glass windows are not just there to add appeal to space, but also serve for much-needed ventilation.

2. Sobha Hartland

Out of many residential areas for people looking for luxurious living, Sobha Hartland is a common choice for it hosts extravagant features like Horse race course, Golf club and Wildlife Sanctuary.  Stretched across an area of 8 million square feet, Sobha Hartland offers a lifestyle that is unparalleled. Two international schools i.e. Hartland international School and North London Collegiate are also located within the vicinity of this community to ensure the quality education most of the parents require for their kids. The apartments are immersed in lush green oasis and stylish architecture and have been given meticulous attention to detail. The apartments consist of 6 mid-rise and 2 high-rise towers. The villas at this neighbourhood are on the new level since they are curated to ensure absolute comfort and privacy.

3. Grande

Grande is located in Downtown Dubai and is a popular choice because of the fountain frontage and Burj Khalifa. This stunning looking building is equipped with contemporary amenities and is curated to look like a futuristic building. It is also very close to numerous attractions of the City such as Dubai Fountain, Dubai Opera, Dubai Mall and the great Palace Hotel. Furthermore, it offers a great range of amenities required to facilitate quality living, such as cafes, restaurants and good shopping complexes. The iconic tower of Grande is designed by non-other than Emaar properties, the very same responsible for the luxurious Emaar Beachfront, and is considered an architectural marvel. The towers are equipped with three futuristic parking lots and an infinity pool.

4. Downtown Dubai

Known for being Dubai’s most iconic neighbourhood, it is just 10 minutes away from Burj Khalifa and barely 500 meters away from the great Dubai Mall. The unique feature about downtown Dubai is its extremely diverse population. The people from different parts of the world flock to this neighbourhood, because it is welcoming to everyone be it someone who has shifted a week ago or somebody who has been staying here for decades. When it comes to property dealing, there are a number of luxurious apartments in these spaces which have super stylish penthouses. The apartments in Downtown are of different kinds, from one bedroom studio apartment to 4 bedroom luxury apartment.  The upcoming buildings with flats that accommodate five bedrooms are also in progress, making Downtown a lucrative option for investors.

If you yearn to experience the best experiences Dubai has to offer in a brief period of time then looking for a villa for rent in Dubai can prove to be very handy.