Buying New Volkswagen Vehicle For Your Family

Volkswagen, which is commonly called as the ‘people’s car’, has come a very long way as the early times of the 1950’s and ‘60s era when the Bus, the Beetle and Karmen Ghia, the only models that were made available to the US. The market was quite young, and sophisticated buyers with value on their minds, not spacious, luxurious ride. Now, Volkswagen offers many other models that appeal to the commuters and families alike. If you are looking for a well-designed vehicle to accommodate your busy family, an approved new Volkswagen car dealer like Burnsville Volkswagen can meet the demand.

Criteria For An Exceptional Family Car

What makes a great family car? Considering that families usually tote multiple kids, sporting tools, baby gear, large quantities of groceries, and a lot more, a perfect choice is a car that offers a comfortable, safe ride with plenty of room to accommodate many people along with their belongings. For parents who should fasten small kinds into the car seats, an ideal family vehicle is also easy to enter and exit.


Does Size Matter?

If you are not looking for a sedan and are not ready for a mini-van, Volkswagen offers several options for families that can accommodate at least five passengers.

Safety Features To Consider

Across the different model lines, the Volkswagens have amazing safety ratings. Although not all the models have undergone total crash testing by the NHTSA, the Jetta and Tiajuan have 4 out of 5 stars for rollover. Most of the models now come with air bags for the rear and front seats, along with side head curtain and side curtain airbags for safety.

Car Seats Welcome

With the increasing weight and age requirements for car seat usage, parents look for a car that can easily accommodate car seats along with booster seats for smaller passengers.

Visit Your Volkswagen Dealer and Make A Choice

With some amazing family cars to choose from, your preference comes down to your budget and likings. By taking a test drive of your preferred car at the Burnsville Volkswagen MN dealership, you will be able to decide whether you want the wagon or SUV styling. With the prices that suit your budget, you will be able to find a great ride at a really great price. With the flexible feature of Volkswagen leasing and financing programs available, you can take home a family friendly vehicle of your dreams.