I Am A Basketball Coach At A School. Which Basketball Shooting Guns Are Ideal For A Facility And Why?

Legendary school and varsity coaches are always inclined to pick the talented kids at a very young age to create pro basketball players out of them. Coaches monitor the kids’ growth and progress and provide the essential tips and advice on techniques, form, and skills to enrich their game.

But there is a difference between the coaches of yesteryears and how coaches these days train the kids. When coaches monitor budding ballers’ practice sessions or make them practice the best shooting drills in basketball, they are more inclined to take help from automatic shooting machines and rebounders.

In this age of innovation, it is quite natural to take help from advanced tech. But if you are a coach and you want to develop the overall qualities of your students and their shooting in basketball, then you should be wary of the following advantages that automatic shooting machines offer.

Advantages of basketball shooting machines:

If you are a school coach, you might be spoilt for choices in the department of basketball shooting machines and automatic rebounders and could be confused while choosing from them. Which basketball shooting gun should I get for my facility? This is one of the most common questions that facility, school, and varsity coaches ask. But before jumping to the best shooting drills in basketball using the automatic shooting machines, let’s do a brief rundown of the advantages they provide.

Flawless monitoring of performance:

If you are looking for a basketball hoop installation near me, you should always go for an automatic shooting machine or a hoop rebounder. These shooting machines are coupled with the powers of advanced data analytics. They can not only record your students’ performances but also provide detailed insights about the same.

These statistics make monitoring much easier. Coaching basketball shooting becomes an effortless affair when you have the power of automatic and programmable machines behind you. These also help you assess the portions that need improving, the areas of strengths and weaknesses, etc.

No time delays:

With the latest tech that powers your practice sessions where you coach shooting in basketball, time wastage and time delays are absolutely non-existent! The advanced basketball shooting machines that you install in the facilities are all programmable and can fire away numerous shots at various preset positions on the court. Thus, your students will put in more quality reps in the least time period. Basketball shooting machines increase the efficiency and output of the best drills you ask your students to perform.

Which brand of basketball shooting gun is ideal for my facility?

When you are a basketball coach who wants his students to practice the best shooting drills for basketball, you could take a look at some of the industry’s finest picks to install at your facility. Amongst these, the Shoot-A-Way Gun variants are quite snazzy and will definitely attract you to make a purchase decision. But if you ask me, the Gun 10k is definitely the best within the Gun variants.

Let’s take a look at some of the immersive features of this brilliant basketball rebounding machine.

Countdown timer:

The Gun 10k is one of the best automatic basketball machines that you can install in your facility because it comes equipped with a countdown timer, which allows you to preset the drills’ time, the gap between successive shots, and a lot more.

Smart performance monitor:

The smart performance monitor is a brilliant addition to the Gun 10k, making it a must-have for your facility. The Gun 10k uses the power of advanced data analytics to create the performance results of your students based on made and missed shots and several other parameters. Based on these results, you can curate personalized techniques and drill plans for your students. In short, the performance monitor will enable you to assess the areas of strengths and weaknesses and help you in honing your skill-sets.

Effortless storage:

One of the perks of installing the Shoot-A-Way Gun 10k is the maximum ease in storage and installation. It can move on wheels, and the height can be adjusted for it to be fitted through conventional doorways and arches. The entire device can be installed and uninstalled easily. The storage space is quite small. Hence it offers an edge in performing the best shooting drills in basketball at practically any facility.


This is a huge advantage of the Shoot-A-Way Gun 10k, making it a popular choice for school and varsity coaches. The Gun 10k can be customized according to your school colors, crests, and logos, which does not cost you anything extra.

Closing thoughts:

With the help of the Shoot-A-Way Gun 10k powering your dreams, you can effectively go on to attain legendary status when your team aces the championship and the prolific shooters you create grace the center stage as the next Steph Curry or Ray Allen!