Know More About The Format Of Gmat

The full form of GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test. It is a standard test which are considered by most of the elite business schools all over the country. Hence in business schools, this is an integral part of the admission process. It is mostly focused on business but at the same time the syllabus is heavy on math and it is designed to test the overall academic aptitude of an applicant which includes verbal and written communication skills because they are quite prominent in the world of business.

Just like the other competitive examinations like SAT, GRE and others, this GMAT examination also contain different sections which can test their mathematical proficiency along with verbal and writing skills. Those who want to sit for this examination should know that they can get only three and a half hours to complete the test which is divided into 3 sections. The analytical writing section contains 2 separate essays for 30 minutes. Then there is this other section which has multiple choice questions and it is known as the quantitative section. One needs to keep at least 57 minutes for this part. The third section has critical reasoning and other things which one needs to solve in 75 minutes.

GMAT Exam - Registration, Eligibility, Fees, Dates, Preparation, Result and more.

Here are some major tips that one needs to follow so that they can do better in this examination:

  • First of all, one should be aware of the correct GMAT syllabus so that they can start preparing. When one sees the syllabus, they can find that the maths section has most of the problems from the high school. So, if one is confident enough with that, then they can approach the examination when they are still at the junior college. The GMAT score remains active for 5 years and so even one takes it at the very first year of college the score will still be valid even when they graduate.
  • One can take economics and statistics in college and this can be of great benefit. GMAT has some questions where they can test the applicant’s knowledge of statistics. Though there can be no straight questions from economics in the exam but if one has familiarity with the subject then it can be of great help because it helps one to understand how real life business is done.
  • There is a verbal section in this examination as mentioned above which is very crucial. One has to perform really well in that section so that they can score high marks in the overall GMAT examination. When one is good in verbal section, then it can be great for future business world because it can brush on the communication skills of those who are into business.
  • One has to practice every day so that they can be prompt is solving questions in a short period of time. With daily practice, one can also brush up the parts in which one is weak.

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