Which Shared Hosting Plan Should You Choose?

Whether you own a small business website or a blog, choosing the right web hosting plan that offers suitable web hosting services catering to your business needs is of utmost importance.

The right web hosting service creates a foundational base for your online business’s success. If you get it wrong by choosing insufficient or unreliable hosting services, it can negatively impact your website’s performance, uptime, security and hamper the user experience.

Windows Shared Hosting or Shared Linux Hosting with cPanel is an ideal hosting solution for beginners as it offers reliable hosting services at an affordable price.

This article shares what Shared Hosting is and what features you must look for in a Shared Hosting plan while choosing one for your website.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is a widely used web hosting solution that hosts multiple websites and blogs on a single Shared Server, sharing the server’s resources. This Shared Server environment lowers the hosting costs on individual websites, which is much cost-efficient than Dedicated Servers, where a single website pays for the entire server and its resources.

You can think of it as renting a flat with multiple roommates. Instead of paying the entire flat rent on your own, you can split the rent, bills, and basic amenities utilisation with your roommates.

While there are several Shared Windows and Linux Hosting providers, not everyone offers reliable services with maximum uptime and security. Let us see a few things you must consider when buying a Shared Hosting service.

How to choose the right Shared Hosting plan?

When looking for Shared Hosting plans, it is important to go with a reputed, reliable, and secure Shared Hosting provider. Here are a few important features you must consider to avoid ending up with an unreliable hosting service.

1. Performance

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Performance is the key to preventing website abandonment and offering an enhanced customer experience. As a result, users often discard websites that take too long to load or experience frequent performance lags.

In addition, Shared Hosting has its risks of performance issues. For example, if a website within the server utilises too many resources after experiencing traffic surges, it can affect the performance of your website.

Thus, ensure your hosting provider uses the latest technologies, such as SSDs (Solid State Drives), to offer reliable and smooth performance with your hosting plan.

2. Security

Security is another critical requirement of a reliable hosting service, and it can be a major issue, especially in a Shared Hosting service.

When you opt for a Shared Server Hosting plan, your website shares the server space with multiple other websites, making it vulnerable to malicious hackers if a website within the server gets infected.

Check for the security and safety measures your hosting provider offers, such as SSL Certificates, firewalls, etc., to protect your website on Shared Hosting against potential viruses and online threats.

3. Uptime

If your website experiences frequent downtimes and stays down most of the time, it can significantly hamper your business’s reach, sales, and overall success.

To avoid this, go for a Shared Windows or Linux Website Hosting solution that offers a maximum uptime guarantee of 99.99% to ensure the 24/7 availability of your business website.


In addition to these above features, it is also critical to ensure your Shared Hosting company monitors and administers your Shared Server on time, performing regular backups, upgrades, and installations for maximum security and server reliability.

Therefore, choose your Shared Hosting plan with utmost care and precaution, considering the features mentioned above that offer reliable hosting services at a budget-friendly rate.